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Frequently Asked Questions - Homepage

Q: What are the pool temperatures?


The pool temperature is set for the optimal multi-use enjoyment of all of our members.  For this reason the pool is set at 86-87 degrees, and the spa (hot tub) at 100-103. 

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Q: Are there age restrictions for the pool?

A: Many of our age restrictions are for the safety of our members.  For this reason we ask that all children under age 13 using the pool be accompanied by an adult.  Additionally, we allow use of the spa only by members 15 years of age and older.  Children between 8-14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.  No child under the age of 8 is allowed in the spa or the spa room.

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Q: Why do I need to shower before entering the pool?

A: Oregon State Law OAR.333.60.210.3 states: There is a "requirement for a cleansing shower before entering the pool. A cleansing shower is a full body soap shower and rinse prior to entering the pool or spa". By showering off before getting into the pool you remove any dirt, sweat, and chemicals that may be on your body and helps us maintain better water quality (less red eye) for all of our swimmers to enjoy.

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Q: What type of sanitation do you use? I heard it is a saltwater pool.

A: Our pool is a saline (saltwater) pool with UV filtration. This does not mean it is chlorine free, but the UV filtration system reduces the amount of chlorine needed and makes the pool and the entire aquatic center cleaner and healthier. All public pools require a form of sanitation. In a saline pool the chlorine is produced naturally from the salt (sodium chloride) as needed to meet state requirements.

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