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Dear YMCA Members,
Over the last week we have learned that the governor is likely to include many of the programs and services that our Y delivers in Phase 1 of reopening Oregon.  We are excited to welcome everyone back…we have missed you!  We have been looking forward to the day when we can reunite. We understand that reopening comes with many new requirements and an even greater sense of social responsibility.  We have heard, seen and experienced extraordinary acts of kindness, connection and caring from our members, staff and volunteers as we all are doing our part to keep this virus from disrupting our quality of life more than it already has.
At the Y, we intend to be a leader and a role model for the responsible handling of our business as we reopen and we will rely on all of you to help keep the Y safe, healthy and adaptable.  There are specific criteria that must be met and a list of required and suggested protocols for the fitness, childcare and aquatics sectors should be delivered this week.  Although aquatics, locker rooms and contact sports and activities will not be included in Phase 1 of the Governor’s plan, much of what we do at the Y can resume soon. 
We intend to reopen gradually based on a set of guiding principles that have been adopted by all of the YMCA’s in Oregon:
Safe Spaces:  Making sure that our facility stays clean and sanitary and that we know how to work together to keep it that way on a daily basis. 
Healthy Members:  Your health is our top priority.  We are paying particular attention to how we all enter, exit, move about, wipe down surfaces and maintain proper physical distancing.  There will be a revised member code of conduct to ensure that we all do our part to stay healthy and safe.
Informed Staff:  We have been retraining and redeploying our staff to ensure your safety and health.  Expanded roles in cleaning, check-in and monitoring are being established.  Although no staff were laid off, some staff have gone on or will have the option to go on leave.  We’re using this time to regroup and have staff opt-in or out of their old or new roles.  When we reopen, they will understand all of the new protocols and will do their part to keep us all safe.  We know that you will do the same.
Adaptable Programs and Services:  We have already taken steps to adapt almost all of our offerings to ensure safe spaces and healthy members.  Listening to member feedback and keeping an eye on best practices will be key to evolving into the safest, healthiest and most member-friendly Y possible.
Reopening Schedule:
May 18:  Continue to offer emergency childcare and online classes.  Open registration (online, by phone and email) to all families, as allowed by the Governor’s guidelines for Childcare and Summer Youth Programs.
May 26:  Offer Outdoor Programs.  From some youth activities to outdoor fitness and wellness offerings, we will be operating some classes outdoors and in some neighborhood settings.
June 1:  Open the Y Facility.  All the Y’s in Oregon are planning to reopen their main facilities, with the exception of pools, saunas and locker rooms (as mandated by the State of Oregon).  This date ensures that we have a full complement of staff, adequate supplies, new protective equipment and proper protocols.
As time goes by, we will keep adding more classes and offerings, so stay informed by subscribing to our website.  Every time we add news or events, you will receive an alert as a subscriber.  
If you have any questions, give us a call at 541-482-9622 or email us at info@ashlandymca.org.
We miss you!
We thank you!
We will get through this together!
Dan Crocker

CEO, Ashland Family YMCA

we thank you