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Ashland Family YMCA, Ashland, Oregon 97520 / Aquatics / 2018-19 School Year Swim Lessons

2018-19 School Year Swim Lessons

Swim lesson
Group Swim Lesson

Financial Assistance is available for those who qualify.  Click Here for the application.

We offer great classes from Parent/Tot to Pre-School to Advanced Swim Technique Development. We focus on water safety, skill development and fun. If you’re unsure about your child’s level, call the Aquatics office to set up a free placement test. M W or T TH 30-minute lessons from 3:30-5:30p.

Monthly Sessions $35 Y-members/$50 Community Includes a $5 non-refundable deposit
(prices vary depending on the number of classes per month)

Private Swim Lessons are available for all levels and all ages. Check out our website or inquire at the front desk for more information.

Parent Tot ages 6-36 months
This is an introduction to the aquatic environment for parents and their infants and toddlers. Parents are encouraged to develop appropriate expectations for their children’s performance in the water. They learn basic aquatic safety and water skills and have fun playing with toys and floatation devices. Drop-in available

Pike ages 3-5 yrs
Water adjustment and safe pool behavior are the main emphasis at this beginning level. Blowing bubbles, kicking, and floating on the back are all introduced through games and a variety of fun activities. Max class size: 4 students

Eel ages 3-5 yrs
This class builds on the basic swimming skills learned in the Pike class. Learning to float, kick, and swim on the front and back without any assistance are the main goals of the Eel class. Prerequisite: swim independently 5-10 feet. Max class size: 5 students

Ray ages 3-5 yrs
At this level, children continue to practice swimming freestyle and are introduced to backstroke and breaststroke kick. Students are exposed to the deep water and begin learning to tread water and diving positions. Prerequisite: swim independently 3-5 yards. Max class size: 5 students

Starfish ages 3-5 yrs
Advanced level for this age group. Students will refine technique on freestyle and backstroke and increase endurance. Side breathing is emphasized. Breaststroke and butterfly are introduced. Diving is introduced. Prerequisite: swim freestyle and backstroke 10-15 yards.

Polliwog ages 6-11 yrs
Beginner level for swimmers who are not comfortable in the water. At this level, students will learn to kick, blow bubbles, float/swim on back, and fundamentals of freestyle. Prerequisite: none. Max class size: 6 students

Guppy ages 6-11 yrs
Beginner to intermediate level. Swimmers will continue to develop freestyle and backstroke. Introduction to treading water and dives with more exposure to the deep end. Prerequisite: swim freestyle 15 yards. Max class size: 8 students

New! 45-minute lessons for classes listed below.  Monthly sessions $50 Y-members/$65 Community

Minnow ages 6-11 yrs 45-minute class
Intermediate level. Swimmers will improve on endurance and technique in freestyle and backstroke. They will be introduced to breaststroke kick, flip-turns, diving skills and side breathing. Prerequisite: swim freestyle 25 yards. Max class size: 8 students

Fish ages 6-11 yrs 45-minute class
Intermediate to advanced level. A variety of drills designed to help build endurance and work on technique for all of the strokes. An introduction to butterfly kick and bilateral breathing. Prerequisite: swim freestyle with side breathing and backstroke 25 yards each. Knowledge of breaststroke kick. Max class size: 8 students

Shark ages 6-11 yrs 45 minute class
Advanced level. Continue building endurance & technique on all strokes. Swim individual medley 200 yards. Prepare for Youth Advanced Swim class. Safety preparation for swimming at rivers and lakes. Prerequisite: swim 100 yards of freestyle, demonstrate proficiency in back and breaststroke.

Youth Advanced Class ages 8+ 45-minute class
This advanced class works on increasing distance and endurance. The students learn racing starts and turns and work on a variety of advanced swimming skills. A good preparation for swim team. Prerequisite: completion of the Shark class or instructor approval. $48 Y-members/$65 Community

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