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Ages 6-11 yrs

Polliwog ages 6-11

Beginner level for swimmers who are not comfortable

in the water. At this level, students will learn to kick,

blow bubbles, float/swim on back, and fundamentals

of freestyle. Prerequisite: None. Max class size: 6


School Year:
M W 3:30p, 4:00p
T TH 3:30, 4:00p, 4:30p

Guppy ages 6-11
Beginner to intermediate level. Swimmers will
continue to develop freestyle and backstroke.
Introduction to treading water and dives with more
exposure to the deep end. Prerequisite: Swim
freestyle 15 yards. Max class size: 8 students


School Year:
M W 3:30p, 4:30p
T TH 4:30p

Minnow ages 6-11
Intermediate level. Swimmers will improve on
endurance and technique in freestyle, and backstroke.
They will be introduced to breaststroke kick, flipturns,
diving skills and side breathing. Prerequisite:
Swim freestyle 25 yards. Max class size: 8 students


School Year:
M W 4:30p
T TH 5:00p

Fish ages 6-11
Intermediate to advanced level. A variety of drills
designed to help build endurance and work on
technique for all of the strokes. An introduction to
butterfly kick and bilateral breathing. Prerequisite:
Swim freestyle with side breathing and backstroke 25
yards each. Knowledge of breaststroke kick. Max
class size: 8 students

School Year:
T TH 5:00p
Shark ages 6-11
Advanced level. Continue building endurance &
technique on all strokes. Swim individual medley 200
yards. Prepare for Youth Advanced Swim class. Safety
preparation for swimming at rivers and lakes.
Prerequisite: Swim 100 yards of freestyle,
demonstrate proficiency in back and breaststroke.


School Year:
M W 5:00p


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