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Featuring a dynamic and inclusive facility dedicated to promoting health, wellness, and community engagement, our fitness center is a modern space designed to meet the needs of individuals of all ages, fitness levels, and health goals. We offer experienced staff, plus a range of programs and state-of-the-art equipment, including: cardio machines, strength training equipment, functional training areas, and group exercise studios.

Classes held in our Wellness Studio:

The focus of this unique yoga practice is to improve muscular strength, range of motion, and agility in a low impact and pain free setting. No matter your age or ability, this class will help you cultivate inner peace, enhance well-being, and embrace the beauty of movement.

Gentle Yoga provides easy variations of asanas, or postures, based on traditional Hatha yoga practice. This class was created to be accessible to all types of students, and to support their mental, physical, and spiritual needs. Gentle Yoga will ground the students on their mats and bring a focus and presence through small yet revolutionary movements.

HATHA 1 will typically include centering, pranayama, warm ups, standing postures, balancing, backbends, forward bends, twists, gentle inversions and savasana. Modifications are offered; no experience required.

This ancient Chinese martial and health art seeks mind-body integration, and builds  internal and external strength and self confidence. Our no-contact class focuses on stance work and the body mechanics of throwing punches and kicks. Fun movement for all levels that works deep core muscles.

Combining dance, martial arts and mindfulness, Nia conditions and strengthens your whole body. Nia is more than just a workout: it’s a holistic fitness practice. This fitness class is inspiring, adaptable, and a full-body experience!

Release, tone, and revive with this unique practice that includes a series of exercises designed to strengthen and engage the pelvic floor muscles, along with traditional barre exercises that focus on toning and sculpting the lower body. Benefits include promoting pelvic health, core stability, and overall strength.

A workout for the mind and body to improve flexibility, body shape and posture.)This form of exercise focuses on strength, flexibility, and control. The activation and strengthening of the deep core muscles, including the abdominal muscles and muscles around the spine can lead to better posture, reduced back pain, and enhanced stability.

A fusion of two revered movement practices: Pilates and Yoga. This class focuses on the fundamentals of both. Combining theses practices together into a single class can offer a unique and well rounded approach to fitness and wellness including full body conditioning, core strength and stability and mind body connection.

Ancient martial art form with slow, repetitive movements for overall health and balance. Tai Chi is often practiced for its health benefits and its meditative aspects. Tai Chi classes typically involve a series of slow, flowing movements performed in a continuous sequence. The practice is characterized by its emphasis on relaxation, balance, and cultivating a sense of harmony between the mind and body.

This slow-paced, passive style of yoga targets the connective tissues in the body, such as ligaments, tendons, and fascia. It is distinct from other more dynamic forms of yoga, like Vinyasa or Hatha, which focus on muscular engagement and movement. Yin Yoga primarily involves holding seated or supine poses for an extended period of time, typically ranging from 3 to 5 minutes or even or even longer. This prolonged holding allows for a deep release and stretch in the targeted areas.

Classes consist of asanas (postures) pranayama (breathing practice) and end with relaxation exercises. Yoga class can be rewarding and enriching, regardless of your previous experience or fitness level. All-levels classes are designed to accommodate a diverse range of students, from beginners to seasoned practitioners. The atmosphere is designed to be welcoming and non-competitive, allowing everyone to practice at their own pace and comfort level.

Classes held in Aerobic Studios:

Learn how to create a stable framework for building bone density, balance and stability in everyday life. The class focuses on exercises and activities that promote bone health and improve balance, which are especially beneficial for older adults and individuals at risk of osteoporosis or falls.

A High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class is a dynamic and challenging workout session designed to maximize fitness gains in a short amount of time. Participants can expect intense bursts of exercise and brief recovery periods. HIIT classes typically incorporate a variety of cardiovascular and strength-based exercises, such as sprinting, jumping jacks, burpees, squats, push-ups, and more. Participants will work through timed intervals, pushing them to give their all during the high-intensity phases and allowing brief moments to catch a breath during the recovery periods. Expect sweat, intensity, and fun!

Easy on the joints and great for all ages and fitness levels, with fun music to exercise with. Low impact aerobics includes a variety of rhythmic and continuous movements, such as marching, stepping, dancing, and side-to-side motions. The goal of low impact aerobics is to increase heart rate and breathing rate to improve cardiovascular fitness, burn calories, and enhance overall endurance without subjecting the body to excessive stress.

This class will provide a moderate to high intensity level using a variety of equipment, stability balls, weights and mat core work.

45 minutes of non-stop movement, including a warm-up and cool-down. The class is designed to provide cardiovascular conditioning, coordination improvement, and lower body strength training through a series of choreographed movements and exercises performed on and around the step platform or step mat.

Using a variety of exercise equipment (weights, dyna bands, stability balls, and more) ensures gains in strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health.

Combines Latin and international music with a fun, effective and engaging cardiovascular workout for all fitness levels. Classes typically involve a variety of dance styles creating a party-like atmosphere. Participants can adjust the intensity of their workout by modifying the movements to suit their fitness level.

Classes held in spin studio:

This high-energy indoor cycling workout that takes place in our specialized spin studio. It’s designed to simulate the experience of riding a bicycle outdoors, but in a controlled environment. Instructor guided, safe, intense indoor cycling fun!!! Great for all ages and fitness levels. Arrive 10 minutes early to set up bike.

Classes held in circuit area:

This group exercise class focuses on full-body workouts with participants rotating through the stations, on and off the circuit machines spending a set amount of time (e.g., 30-60 seconds) at each station before moving to the next while enjoying fun music in a community setting. A safe, challenging, fun, and invigorating class with numerous benefits, including improved cardiovascular fitness, increased muscular strength, endurance, calorie burning, enhanced agility and coordination and all with a sense of accomplishment.

This group exercise class is a more advanced and challenging version of the Beginner/Senior Circuit class, with addition of several free weight or floor exercises added to the rotation.

Specialty Classes:

These classes are offered at a discounted rate to members, and require registration. Fees are based on 4 weeks per month, with variable prices vary depending on the number of classes per calendar month. 

Discover the power of belly dance with deep stretches, isolations, and rhythmic muscle work that will burn calories and tone up key muscle groups set to funky world dance beat. You can expect a dynamic and engaging fitness experience designed to promote physical fitness, core strength, cardiovascular endurance, and an overall sense of well-being. Bellyfit is a very fun and empowering exercise experience.

FUN never retires at the YMCA! This low cost evidence-based group exercise program is helping older adults with arthritis and other chronic disease become more active, energized, and empowered to sustain independent lives through low impact cardiovascular and strength exercises.

TRX is a type of training that uses suspension straps to leverage body weight for resistance. TRX workouts involve performing various exercises that engage multiple muscle groups and promote functional strength, stability, and flexibility.

Personal Training Services:

For those seeking personalized attention and targeted fitness plans, our certified trainers are available to work one on one with members. They tailor workouts to individual goals, monitor progress, and provide continuous feedback making the fitness journey both effective and enjoyable.

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